Welcome to the crew of The Boonta Eve!

This portal is intended to chronicle the adventures of the crew of The Boonta Eve as they attempt to make their own way in the universe after the destruction of the first Death Star. The crew has no established goals aside from 1) make money 2) avoid death 3) and make more money all the while dodging Imperials, angry bounty hunters / scorned lovers, and Hutt crime lords. 

The players comprise 6 people in person, and 1 person video chatting in, playing on a weekly basis Monday nights. None of us really knew what we were doing when we started as most of us have never played something like this before. 

Our intrepid crew has been campaigning for about a year now so hopefully the portal will begin to flesh out as many past characters as possible, and building a database for all the people we've pissed off. Long time GM's of the shenanigans John and I will attempt to update from now on after each session, displaying the major actions taken, the destiny points that were wasted by the crew, and how many other bridges we can burn. 

On a more mechanical note, John and I are fairly confident we are doing things properly, but this is both our first times really playing a pen and paper RPG like this, let alone GMing one, so we attempt to play by the rules, but there are some we simply ignore. Our character have done nothing with obligations or motivations on a mechanical side, though we are constantly getting better at playing to the ones we made for our characters.

Out of the Frying Pan and into the Fire

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